After the release of Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the buzz of iPhone 7 has been teasing everywhere. iPhone lovers are widening their searches and have reached to the iPhone 8! Recent statistics shows this breathtaking result. Youngsters are in a continuous effort to explore the farthest specifications of iPhone; that’s why they have started searching for the rumors on features, price, and release date and so on. Officially Apple has not made any sound about it till now, but tech explorer has already pulled their anchor up and has started the journey of knowing iPhone 8.

As the iPhone 7 release date is approaching, the fans are already excited about the next iteration of this coveted flagship device, iPhone 8. The World’s one of the largest tech conglomerate, Apple has always stunned their fans with jaw-dropping innovations and turned their never-ending imaginations into reality, the virtue of the iPhone series of handsets. So as mysteries are looming large over the Apple iPhone 8 with each passing day, we in this article are trying to decode this technologically wonder device i.e. iphone 8.

We have put loads of efforts on researching about the upcoming beast. We have followed the trend of world’s leading technological incubator to anticipate the iPhone 8 release date, studied the patents Apple claimed recently to get an idea about the probable iPhone 8 features, did a market survey to get a hunch about the expected iPhone 8 price and last but not the least gathered information from various official and unofficial sources to predict the probable key specifications. So friends go through this one-stop article on iPhone 8 and get an insight about this amazing handset which is expected to bring a renaissance in the field of technology.

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iPhone 8 Features and Specifications, Fine Blend of Expectations and Technologies  

What we miss in another smartphone, we expect that from iPhone. Apple has been in this effort to meet our expectation with their superlative devices, even sometimes their products make us overwhelmed. With utter surprise often we keep thinking, how they managed to make that!

Apple’s iPhone 8 will showcase nothing but a class. What you will expect from hundred of phones, it will accumulate all in it. Though the features and specifications have neither leaked nor announced yet.  Here we are presenting a brief on iPhone 8 features, price and release date. Remember all of these are handpicked information about iPhone 8 from the minimum access to the rumors we got.

[Update: iphone 8 to launch sooner than the previously speculated time period]

But before we indulge into discussing the iPhone 8 release date, specs and features let’s have a look at the history behind iPhone’s inception and its successful journey till date. Apple first launched this coveted series of handsets in 2007 when they launched the first generation iPhone on 29th June. The first-gen iPhone was a GSM phone and only supported 2G. The first real revolution this line of smartphones witnessed in the iPhone 3G which came with the 3G cellular network capabilities and also featured Assisted GPS (A-GPS), a Geolocation API to locate the phone. The upgraded variant, the iPhone 3GS came packed with a higher-resolution camera capable of recording video at 480p and a faster processor.

The next iteration of this flagship series, iPhone 4 featured a high resolution 960×640 Retina Display, a 5-megapixel rear camera with 720p video capturing capability and a VGA front-facing camera for video calling. The iPhone 4S went through a camera upgradation, an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video capturing facilities includes a dual-core A5 processor and introduced Siri, a natural language voice control system for the first time. The next generation handset, iPhone 5 comes with a dual-core A6 processor, introduces the LTE support for the first time (it will be available to iPhone 8 also FYI) as well as increases the size of the Retina display to 4 inches.

The iPhone 5S includes a dual-core 64-bit A7 processor, an updated camera with dual-LED flash and introduces the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The US-based company further increased the display size in the next generation smartphone, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which comes with a 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches screen size respectively. Apart from that, these two devices also feature an A8 chip. The iPhone 7 is also expected to hit the market shelves very soon, and speculations are it will come with a staggering waterproof display. So from a GSM mobile phone to a smartphone with all most every modern day technicalities, iPhone surely have come a long way.

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Apple iPhone 8 Features (Rumors)

iPhone signifies a class and surely it will retain its tag in future also. iPhone 8 is going to be a breakthrough in smart telephony. From the leaks of iPhone 7 we already have got lots, of speculations and can imagine the device, iPhone 7 more or less. But if the same thing we do for iPhone 8, we will have nothing but some ideas and imaginations. After accumulating as much as information, you better call these rumors of iPhone 8, we drew an imaginary technical picture of the device. check out the best iPhone 8 case

Impeccable Design  

As Apple will celebrate the 10 years anniversary of the iPhone series, they are going to come up something unique and innovative to mark this auspicious occasion. So the speculations are, the tech powerhouse is going to revamp the entire design of the handsets of this line. If we believe multiple rumors, the iPhone 8 is going to sport a curved display. The engineers of both Samsung and Apple are trying hard to decode the formula of this unbelievable technology, and if Apple could able to incorporate the curved display in the iPhone 8, they will get a huge lead over their rivals regarding uniqueness. As of now, the curved display is a distant dream, but it is just only a matter of time and who knows the device might come as the first smartphone to feature a curved display. Moreover, Apple may eliminate the home button too and replace it with the Touch ID as they are thinking to completely revamp the design of the iPhone 8. Check the possible iPhone 8 display features- Apple iPhone 8 rumored display design and features.

Pressure Sensitive Display

As Apple is increasing the display size of their flagship smartphone with each new iteration, iPhone 8 is expected to flaunt a bigger screen size than the iPhone 7. It is speculated to come with a 4.7-inch screen. So the upcoming iPhone device might feature a 5.2-inch screen whereas the iPhone 8S will sport a 5.7-inch display.


And if we talk about the display technology, the US-based tech giant is more likely to switch to the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display from the traditional IPS display, in the upcoming iPhone 8. The iPhone 7 is going to be the last handset of this series which will come with the conventional IPS display. The advantage of using an OLED display is it offers a better and wider viewing angle as well as improved brightness. The efficiency of the type of displays is much higher than the IPS display, and the color density is more vivid. Moreover, the OLED display can work without ‘backlight’, so it will also help the company to optimize iPhone 8’s power consumption and an improved battery life, which is a key factor of all the modern day smartphones. Samsung has already incorporated this technology in their latest flagship, Galaxy S7, so it is high time for Apple to welcome this display technology.

No doubt, the iPhone 8 display will come with the utmost pixel resolution, most likely the 4K display with 4096 × 2160 pixel resolution and will be protected with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass technology. Samsung has already launched the Galaxy S7 with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. By the time Apple will launch the iPhone 8, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 will be unveiled, and the handset is expected to get protected by that. According to the company claim, the brand new Corning Gorilla Glass 5 raises the bar for protection against drops higher than ever and can withstand 1.6-meter, shoulder-height drops onto the rough, hard surfaces up to 80% of the time.

iPhone 8: Internal Storage

Fans have always complained about iPhone’s internal storage, as the company does not provide any microSD card option in their handsets. So the US-based tech giant may include a little more spaces into the handset this time. It is almost sure that iPhone will be launched in different variants depending on the internal storage of the device. The basic level model will feature 64GB of internal storage, while the upgraded variant may come with 128 GB internal storage and the premium model will offer the users 256GB of space with the iPhone 8.

Camera of iPhone 8

Unlike the internal storage, there is no chance of complaining about the iPhone’s camera quality, as it is one of the bests, if not the best, in its league. The iPhone 6 comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera which is equivalent to a 20-megapixel camera of other smartphone making companies. As per the reports, the iPhone 8 may come with a 15-megapixel rear camera autofocus, optical image stabilization, and 4K-recording capabilities. Moreover, the primary shooter will also feature the upgraded ISOCELL sensors for clicking clear images even in the low lights. Not only that, the company may introduce the dual sensor technology for the first time to capture clear images of the moving bodies. It will also remove the noise while capturing video.

If we talk about the secondary camera, experts believe that iPhone 8 will come with a 6-megapixel front camera with autofocus and OIS technology for video chat and take selfies.

The Camera is gonna feature more than you expected. A dual lens camera with the optical zoom that means iPhone 8 can capture better photos than all Smartphone cameras. Instead of pinching to zoom (till now pinching display results zoom), this usually results in a terrible grainy photo.

Apple has enhanced camera functionalities for its flagship device i.e. iPhone 7 quite a lot, so we can easily guess that the iPhone 8 camera will be too good, and it would give quite a competition to the top level DSLRs available in the market as of then. also check the ios 12.

iPhone 8: Processor, RAM & Operating System

iPhone 6, the current generation flagship is powered by company’s very own A8 processor. We all know that Apple unveils a new processor with its flagship smartphone every year. So if Apple maintains the same trend with iPhone 8, we are going to see the brand new A10 Quad Core processor comes packed with the handset. Moreover, the advanced 7 nano meter FinFET technology will also be included in this speculated next-gen processor. Many recent leaks and rumors are also supporting this theory. According to those, the iPhone 8 will be powered by a TSMC and ARM-based 7nm chipset. Apart from that, the handset is also expected to house with 4GB of RAM and should run on the iOS 11 operating system. So, coupled with a 4GB RAM and iOS 11 operating system, the iPhone 8 will be capable of handling high-end graphics and multitasking.

iPhone 8: Battery

The iPhone 7 is most likely to come with a 2500mAh battery. But that will not be sufficient, considering the fact the usage of internet has increased rapidly as well as many apps and games have been launched which suck away the juice too much. So, it is sure that Apple will increase the battery capacity in iPhone 8. Now the question rises, how much they will increase? Well, our guess is the iPhone 8 will be powered by a 2800mAh battery which will be able to provide the users 18 hours of 4G usage. There is no question that the phone will support with the quick-charging technology. Even some reports have also claimed that iPhone 8 may come with a wireless charger (portable charger).

iPhone 8: Sensors

All the modern day sensor options will be available on the iPhone 8, including the accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, heart rate, SpO2 and Fingerprint. Now the question is whether it will come with the retina or iris tracking sensors or not. Many sources close to the project is claiming that iPHone 8 will flaunt the iris tracking sensors which will strengthen the phone’s security as well as will facilitate the users with the hands-free way of unlocking.

Better Screen Resolution

Beating arch rival Samsung, Apple will introduce an all new kind of water and dust proof display that will bear better screen resolution and scratch resistance characteristics. Samsung has already introduced side display in Galaxy S6. Apple may go a bit higher in iPhone 8 and can make both side displays.

At first, iPhone’s traditional LCD is gonna change and Apple may opt OLED display that consumes less power and provides better display quality. In display feature, resolution of the display may take a huge leap, and it may settle for a 4K display with ultra HD quality. Though Apple does not reveal anything about its Retina display, we can expect a superior display quality like Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. All these iPhone 8 rumors come from the supply chains of Apple.

Fingerprint Scanner Is Out, Face Scanner Is In

If recent reports are to be believed, Apple may go for face scanning for extra security on the iPhone 8 and ditch the fingerprint scanner. Simply put, this revamped security feature will use cutting edge technology to check the identity of the user who is accessing it. This 3D face scanning system will also be more secure than the normally used Touch ID on Apple’s flagship iPhones.

Besides providing access to the phones, the 3D face scanning feature will also enable log into the various apps and will also verify payments. Another great feature is the fact that it can be accessed at all angles, which essentially means that the user can unlock the device at face level as well as while the device is lying flat on a surface.

iPhone 8 Features

The 3D face scanning system is built around accuracy and speed of access. A few hundred milliseconds is all it takes for scanning the user’s face and unlocking the device. Also, since it involves 3D scanning, the device is able to distinguish between the user’s face and a photo of it and will respond only to the face.

There are also reports that Apple will use eye-scanning technology as well, which is currently found on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Both of these features will bolster the iPhone 8’s security features. The face-scanning technology, Apple states, is also more secure than the Touch ID technology, with a reported 1 in 50,000 chance of getting unlocked by another user’s finger. In the end, not only will we have a waterproof device with wireless charging, we will also have a more secure one.

Wireless Charger, Solar Charging

The World is heading for using more nonconventional power usage and as a premier tech company Apple may introduce their first in class solar charging plate integrated with iPhone 8. Wireless changing is a feature that has the maximum chance to get integrated into the device.

iPhone 8 Price and Features

iPhone 8 Concept Design 3 (Credit: Steel Drake)

Better Theft Protection

An upgraded version of the FindMyPhone app is all we are expecting in the iPhone 8, and the makers are surely working on that. Apart from that, a remote assistance app may also be introduced in the handset where the users can access their phone’s data from their PC through a secured channel and can moderate or delete information whenever they want.

Edge Bumper For Display Protection 

Once you have protected the phone from thieves now, it’s time to protect from a sudden drop or hand slip. Apple iPhone 8 is gonna attached with edge bumper which protects the screen while dropped on the floor.

The second speaker for stereo sound

Better sound quality comes with better speakers and Apple finally focused on this and a frontend speaker is expected to come with quality stereo sound. Playing games and streaming video are gonna be more entertaining. Apple is developing wireless headphones for ultimate entertainment as they are ditching 3.5 mm jack.

Connectivity options of iPhone 8

Great connectivity options provide ample sources to unleash the true power of iPhone. iPhone 8 will be accompanied with lightning port instead of traditional 3.5 mm jack which ultimately results from more room for additional attachments. We are expecting the second lens there.

Lightning Port instead of tradition 3.5mm Headphone Jack

There are strong speculations going on that iPhone 7 will ditch the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack and will replace it with the brand new Lightning port technology. The benefit of using the technology is the audio quality does not get hampered with a lightning port, and it is more modern day approach. So chances are very that Apple will repeat the same technology in the iPhone 8 too unless any disaster happens and get many e-mails from their fans.

The iPhone 7 comes with a lightning port, ditching the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. Although the introduction of this new age technology was welcomed whole heartedly by the fans, it has its own downsides too. As the conventional 3.5mm headset jack is gone, the users need to buy the AirPods separterly, which was unveiled along with the iPhone 7 and perfectly compatible with the handset.

Available on the Apple Store, the AirPods cost around £160 or $206 and link up to your iPhone or Apple Watch via Bluetooth. But Apple believes the fact spending another £160 to just listen to music might detract many potential buyers. So according to the latest report, the Cupertino-based tech conglomerate has decided to ship the iPhone 8 with the AirPods, so that more customers get lured to the device.

The wireless Airpods come with various sensors which automatically detect when they are plugged in the user’s ears, and play or pause the music accordingly. Apart from that, the device also features a microphone which let Siri to control your music, adjust the volume and check your battery life without taking out the handset from the user’s pocket.

Water Resistant Display

Another feature which we are most likely to experience in the iPhone 7 is the water resistant display. Even the latest rumor is that the Apple Inc. is developing some of the gorgeous iPhone 7 Cases this time, and such cases will be available for free of cost if you purchase iPhone 7 within 30 days of its launch. Samsung has already launched their flagship Galaxy S7 with this technology and thus how can Apple leave behind. With this technology, the handset will be water resistant for more than 1.5 meter and 30 minutes and will also meet the IP68 certification criteria. iPhone 8, again is more likely to retain this technology too, and will also be dustproof.

A Second Speaker

To enhance the audio quality, Apple may introduce a second speaker in the front end of the iPhone 8. The speaker is also expected to come with stereo quality sound. Apple may also introduce a wireless headphone with the iPhone 7 which will be retained in the next iteration too.

iPhone 8 Release Date (Probable)

If we take historical precedents, we will see that the talismanic iPhones launch every September. The sales start from October. It was anticipated that the new iPhone 8, the tenth-generation iPhone, would also follow the same pattern. However, Apple is having some serious issues with the supply chain of the OLED display panels which will be on board the biggest of this year’s Apple mobile devices. This year, three models are expected to release: a 4.7-inch LCD version, a 5.5-inch LCD version, besides a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED version. The new iPhone 8 will also have a ton of other features.

Apple’s OLED panels are facing a serious supply chain bottleneck, which may end up delaying the devices in the end. Our best guess is that while the devices will start shipping in September, the initial supplies will be very limited. This last bit was stated by J.P. Morgan, noted analysts, who have often been proven right about such technical issues, mixed with business ones. The Apple iPhone 8 release date is a slightly dicey affair, at the moment. 

J.P. Morgan refers to the iPhone 8 as the iPhone Pro, however. In the end, we believe that while the September release date and the October sales window will be met, the quantities will be limited. This might lead to some problems in Apple’s product lifecycle as well.

iPhone 8 Price

iPhone 7 is expected to hit the market shelves with a hefty price tag of $1099 to $1499 depending on the variants and the colors. So, our guess is iPhone 8 will also fall under the same price range. According to the experts, iPhone 8 will be priced at $1200 for the basic level model and $1500 for the premium level variant.

All these specifications and features of iPhone 8 are collected from various sources and studying all the steps of Apple Inc like what they have submitted for patent, vendors they have given contracts, etc. It may feature something more interesting. We will keep updating about all new features as we will get any ray of new iPhone 8 rumor.

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