Apple iPhone 8 may or may not use Ceramic in its Body

Not getting complacent by the recent success earned through the iPhone 7, Apple is currently busy in unveiling the iPhone 8 as soon as possible. The year 2017 will be the 10 years anniversary of the first iPhone and to commemorate the occasion, the US-based tech giant is planning for something new and innovative, such as a complete redesign of the body or more precisely the material of the body.

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According to the latest rumors, Apple is going to use zirconium ceramics instead of aluminium. The biggest advantage of using this form of ceramic instead of aluminium is the former material possesses the highest fracture toughness, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance is perfectly suitable for the high-pressure applications.

Brian Rosemmele, a renowned alchemist & metaphysician, recently posted on Quora where he described why Apple may choose zirconium ceramics over aluminium for their upcoming flagship device. Currently, the company uses white ceramic to manufacture Apple Watch. So they are capable of replicating the procedure for iPhone 8 too. Moreover, the last three models of the iPhone series look and feel almost same. So it is high time for Apple to think something different in the design aspect, especially when they are celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the phone.

But there are other opposing theories too, which are looking more viable at the current scenario. Greg Koeing, the world-famous product designer, explained recently why it is almost impossible for Apple to release the iPhone with zirconium ceramics. Although Apple uses ceramic to design Apple Watch, to make an entire series of iPhones with the same material is all total a different story. The company has to upscale their process without anyone noticing.

In Koeing’s word Apple need to do these things if they want to launch the iPhone 8 with zirconium ceramics, “Apple would need 2 football field’s worth of kiln space for each ceramic iPhone to sinter for the requisite 36 hours. For the 2 hours of hard ceramic machining to finish the case details, Apple would need to go from 20,000 CNC machines to 250,000. They would need another 200,000 employees to perform the 2 hours of hand polishing to ‘bring out the strength and lustre’.”

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He even described the logistical nightmare the US-based tech giant has to suffer and said the company would need at least 3-4 years to imply all the changes successfully. Waiting for 3 to 4 years is almost impossible for Apple, as it will postpone the iPhone 8 release date for a subsequent amount of time. So keep your hopes regarding the iPhone 8 realistic and don’t dream of something which looks like infeasible right now.

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