Apple iPhone 8 Rumored Display Design

Display is the foremost thing that attracts our attention when we look at any smart gadget. iPhone 8 is in pipe to come after the expected iPhone 7. Some ideas about the probable iPhone 8 display features that we have gotten from our experts are being shared here.

iPhone has always been a classy gadget. In every edition, Apple comes up with some really cool updates and awesome features. Display is the first thing that makes impression over customers. iPhone lovers always think of different display that actually upgrades the profile of iPhone.


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iPhone 8 display feature

Rumors are in the air as Apple filed a patent for flexible display that can be used in mobile phone and smart wearable. Perhaps Apple is planning to introduce flexible and bendable body design to make iPhone 8 display better and unique.

iPhone 8, Size of the Display: Size of the Apple iPhone 8 display may varies from 5 inches to 5.2 inches. Off course it will carry better resolution for more vivid and crisp display.       

iPhone 8 Display Design

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Side/ Edge Display: Apple may introduce Samsung like edge display. Apple will not leave any stone up turned to clinch the competition with their arch rival Samsung.

Using iPhone is always an experience. iPhone 8 is going to be another add on experience in coming year. Display of iPhone 8 will play a big role there.

Both Side Display features of Apple iPhone 8: Some tech experts suggest that Apple will introduce both side display feature in iPhone 8. A little bit crazy though. But Apple is all about doing experiments on crazy things and make those crazy things a reality.

Voice Control Display: Apple has gotten a patent on a technology that enables gadget’s display to on and off over voice control. iPhone 8 display feature may include this awesomeness. Get ready to rock and roll with my voice. Forget tapping and chitchatting. Phone will work on with your command.

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