Apple’s New iPhone 8 Will Be Waterproof and Will Come with Wireless Charging

Apple’s new iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging and will also be waterproof. This will be Apple’s first iPhone to feature wireless charging and is definitely one of the best features on offer as far as innovations are concerned.

The new feature was first highlighted in the Nikkei Asian Review. Simply put, wireless charging allows owners to put their devices on an inductive surface without the need to actually plug in the phone. While the preceding generation of the iPhone, which was the iPhone 7, had water resistant features but was not truly waterproof.  More advanced waterproofing will mean that the new device will survive more rigorous handling as well.

A number of high-end Android handsets nowadays feature advanced wireless charging; some of them include the son-to-be-launched Samsung Galaxy S7, as well as the existing LG G4, Microsoft Lumia 1520, and the Blackberry Priv Z30.

iPhone 8 Features

The reason why the Apple iPhone switched to a glass chassis was that Apple was trying to find a way to wirelessly charge the phone.

The new iPhone 8, which is in its tenth year this summer, will come in two sizes, with expected 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions. The matter came to light when Robert Hwang, CEO of iPhone assembler Wiston, said at a shareholder’s meeting,”New features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing, and waterproof function will alter the assembly process a bit.” He was quoted in the same Nikkei report as well.

Apple has been aggressively pursuing the wireless charging option of late; it recently joined the industry group Wireless Power Consortium. Besides, it had also filed patents which apparently tried to use Wi-Fi signals to wirelessly charge devices.

The new Apple iPhone 8 will run on the iOS 11, the latest and the most secure of all of the software released by Apple. Apple’s new flagship device will also have a near bezel-free display and will also probably ditch the physical home button as well.

Probably the only negative aspect of the new features will be that the new device may also get a price hike as the new features bring with them their own innate cost. We expect to see the new phone sometime in the second or third week of September.

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