Augmented Reality Could Be iPhone 8’s Biggest Feature

American multinational technology company Apple took to the stage at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 to hint that Augmented Reality (AR) could be the biggest feature of iPhone 8.

AR is a technology that makes use of software to put a mixture of virtual objects onto real-life images, as we have seen in Pokemon Go.

iPhone 8 Features

The company is now providing a full suite of technology known as ARKit, which developers can utilize as a toolkit in order to aid them in building software for iPhone and iPad. The company has further claimed that ARKit will come as default from now on with all of Apple devices that run the current version of iOS. It is apparent that the multi-million dollar company is also encouraging developers to get on board with that platform for one device in particular – the iPhone 8

iPhone 8 will also see some dramatic redesigns. Primary among them is the presence of special cameras that can sense depth and understand 3D space. It will help make AR be far more effective.

Rumor mills were high on Apple including such technology as part of a bigger focus on AR in other devices. This might include various ways of integrating AR of a kind with its AirPods, wireless headphones that aid people in talking to their computers just by touching their ear.

However, WWDC 2017 is not the first time the tech giant has show off software that seems to suggest its way on its way to developing augmented reality. A couple of weeks ago, it divulged details of its new “Clips” app. The said app parlays information in a much similar way or less. It seemed to be a reflection of the fact that it was tough to work on AR.

However, the difference lies in the fact that this time Apple did not show off the big uses of its own apps. More and more features will be made available to developers once the phone arrives. In order to make the handset have the biggest impact, the company presumably kept from announcing the features of the device.

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