iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 May Feature Amoled Screen

Rumors about the next iPhone device are always doing the round. Apple’s iPhone 7 is expected to launch in 2016 around September, bringing a new design and new features. In the most recent speculation, the AMOLED iPhone is likely going to be launched around 2017 or 2018. This has lead experts to believe that either the iPhone 7s or the iPhone 8 is going to come with AMOLED screen as opposed to LCD. The screen is nothing new in the world of smartphones. The Galaxy S7 and many other Android handsets have AMOLED screens. Apart from this, Apple is said to be experimenting with a number of display technologies in a Taiwan research lab.


Switching to OLED screen is going to be useful as it won’t require an additional backlight and can even help make the iPhone even thinner. The AMOLED screens are going to be supplied by Samsung Display and down the line other companies like LG Display and Japan Display will be supplying the screens to Apple. In the first year itself, some 50 million iPhone will be manufactured and sent out to enthusiasts. A few earlier reports had even suggested that one version of iPhone 7 Plus, that’ll be released in this year, may come with a better camera (dual-lens camera) than the iPhone 7 and other iPhone 7 Plus models.

The inclusion for Apple to include AMOLED screen in their iPhone may have been trigged by the fact the smartphone marketplace is slowing down even for a successful corporation like Apple. Experts have speculated that this year Apple is going to shift less iPhone units in this year. The first time this will occur since iPhone were launched in 2007. Talking of OLED screen iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 is going to be the second one in its product lineup to have such screen. The first Apple product to use the screen was Apple Watch that went on to sale last year, in April 2015. Knowing Apple, they are probably going to try to completely alter the screen technology but as of now iPhone enthusiasts are pretty excited to know that the AMOLED iPhone are finally coming to the market shelves at some not-too-distant-future.

The rumor comes at the heel of other rumors that the new iPhone can be expected to come with advanced camera, a sleeker look and removed headphone jack, faster processor among other things. Apple could be introducing ungraded version of the iPhone 5 before the end of this year. Even a super iPhone called the iPhone Pro is rumored to be unveiled soon.

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