iPhone 8 to come with Super Resolution Camera

The year 2017 is going to be a big one for Apple as it will be the 10 year anniversary of the first iPhone release. So to mark this grand occasion Apple is designing the iPhone 8 as a beast of a phone. While there are multiple rumors blowing in the air about the device such as a complete redesign of the body and including an OLED screen, the latest news is Apple is going to launch the iPhone 8 with a super resolution camera.

iPhone 8 Specs

Although the fans have seen many interesting changes on the camera front, when the iPhone 7 was being launched, still they are craving for more. In iPhone 7 the optical image stabilization was introduced along with the optical zoom feature. The iPhone 7 Plus gets the dual-lens setup for the first time too. But iPhone 8 may come with something which is unprecedented in the mobile technology.

One of the best Apple-centric websites of the world, Appleinsider reported that Apple has filed for a new patent which indicates that the iPhone 8 may flaunt “super resolution” multi-sensor cameras.

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The U.S. Patent No. 9,467,666 reads, “An image display apparatus includes a light source unit, a scanning mirror unit that reflects and raster scans a light beam from the light source unit, a light source drive unit that drives the light source unit based on input image data, a microlens array that is arranged in an optical path between the light source unit and an eye of a user, and an optical sensor configured to detect the presence or absence of the microlens array. When the optical sensor fails to detect the presence of the microlens array, drive of the optical source is stopped.”

In another patent, filed by the same Cupertino-based tech giant, describes the miniature of the super-resolution for plural image sensor arrangements and the method of visible light plurality portions to receive by a camera module.Furthermore, the website also mentioned that the iPhone might come with a “folded” camera design which will allow the company to make room for extended zoom capabilities as well as will save space.

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