iPhones have been a surprise to eyes minds both. We always expect the latest cutting edge technologies from iPhone. Like all the releases of Apple, we all are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 8 concept design. Though many blogs and tech blogs have published many Apple iPhone 8 concept designs, official release is yet to come. Apple has got some unimaginable patents recently; surely those are of crucial breakthroughs in smartphone technology. As Apple is working on iPhone 7 currently, these new inventions and patents are yet to be implemented and they will integrate these recent patented technologies in iPhone 8 for sure.

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Apple iPhone 8 Concept Design

Though it’s really hard to sketch technical diagram without prior knowledge of official knowledge about what Apple is going to imply on their smartphone technology upgradation. But if we have a scan on those recent patients, we can easily take a simple assumption which things are going to be integrated in iPhone 8.

For sketching a technical iPhone 8 concept design we have taken those patents in account.

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The first one is– Bendable display! You are surely going to be crazy because it’s authenticated by the various sources that Apple Inc got the out of the imagination technology patent this year!

Second one is– Finger print scanning. Though many companies are thinking of this new unlock technology, Apple may introduce this one in their iPhone 8. So we can easily add up this new technology in Apple iPhone 8 concept designs doubtlessly.

Third one is– Better Theft protection. For sure, Apple’s iPhone 8 is going to be unveiled as a beast! It’s going to be a smart phone with smart data management. You will be able to erase the data and documents with a remote key support from Apple’s website. What a thought!

Fourth One is– Better and compact design with wireless charging options and with a technically first in class solar charger option. This is also an Eco Friendly charging options to reduce carbon foot prints! This kinda thought comes from Apple first!

These are the some key points are going to be a part of Apple iPhone 8 concept design. We will release a brand new concept design of Apple iPhone 8 soon (On our views).