Showbox Vs Popcorn Times- a Critic’s Analysis

Today, Android has so many things to offer while we want to be entertained. From games to shows, all are at your fingertips. Android has two sides. One is dominated by Google play store, and all applicable copyrights issues prevail here, another is a free world dominated by some other alternative app stores like uptodown, etc.

People love the second one because here you get all the premium things at free of cost! It’s an ideally free world of infotainment.

Showbox App and Popcorn Times are two major players in this free world of entertainment. Both the apps provide movies, music and TV shows at free of cost and that too in high quality HD version, of course not like crappy torrent version at all.

Well, you may have got the nerve why these apps had not been listed in the official app store- simply intellectual property issues of the producers but as a viewer’s point of view I don’t have any issue to enjoy million of high definition videos without paying a single penny!

Showbox and Popcorn Times have almost similar features but with some unique points as well. Here we are gonna to have a comparative analysis from a critic’s eye.

Well, Showbox is a father figure of all these types of apps while Popcorn Times is a new entrant in the list, but it is gaining exponential popularity in recent days. Let’s find out the standout points that made these two apps a competitor of each other.

Showbox is a purely Android app, and its web version hasn’t released yet though people use emulator technique to enjoy Showbox for PC. Apart from its Android version, Popcorn Times has different web versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac as well! – Purely an upper hand for the cross platform functioning capability.

Popcorn Times has introduced a .apk version for Android Smart TV while There is no such update from Showbox. If it continues, Popcorn Times may cross the Showbox’s magic figure (number of users). Just because it’s a younger site and hasn’t prepared its digital library loaded with the tons of shows like Showbox, users are going for Showbox. But once it completes its library then it will be a difficult time for Showbox as Popcorn times has built its fully technically backed ecosystem for Android and Windows users while Showbox is a long way behind.

What’s your take on this debate? Freshen up with new things to add here and don’t forget to comment.

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