Use iMessage for Windows, The Ultimate Explained Guide

When it comes to Apple and Microsoft, we know that they are two of the biggest rivals. We also know that the iMessage service, which was once an exclusive service for Apple users, is now already usable for Windows PC as well. But how did this happen? Did technology take this huge leap by which Apple apps are used on Windows PC? Well, to answer all your questions, here’s the guide to iMessafe for Windows.

How to Use iMessage for Windows?

The iMessage application is exclusive on Apple devices and works effortlessly. Incidentally, the iMessage application is available only on the Apple devices running the iOS 5 and the later OS versions. But with simple tweaks, PC users can also use the service, so know the steps in brief from the below-mentioned method.

Method: The Best and Effective One Using Chrome Remote Desktop

This happens to be the easiest and efficient method. By this you can automatically use iMessage for Windows. Follow the steps as explained right below.

  • Navigate to the Chrome apps store.
  • Once you are there, find an extension called Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • You will now have to install the extension upon downloading from the official source.
  • Once it is done, make sure that your PC running on Windows and Mac are connected to each other. This is the most pivotal step for iMessage to work on Windows device.
  • Upon finishing the installation of the extension, make sure you click on ‘Launch App’ button.
  • Now, on Mac device, an extra software is there which may or may not be required, known as the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer’.
  • For safety, install it. Your Mac device will also ask for the password, hence ensure it is with you.
  • Once Chrome Remote Desktop on the iMac starts, you will see a 12-digit code.
  • You have to key in the same code on Windows PC as well, which you are using. Which will allow seamless syncing, and the service will immediately begin.
  • Search for the icon of iMessage for Windows on the app drawer and enable it.

The Last Words

By now, you must have been familiar with how to use iMessage for Windows. As a matter of face, we would ask you keep this tutorial handy and remember we often come with newer updates and other changes to our guides. If you want to save it to read it time and again, you are most welcome to bookmark our site.

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